Coordinators: Cyrill Lim and Andreea Vladut
Duration: A five-day workshop, followed by a one-week exhibition
Exhibition: 26. 11. - 03. 12. 2022
No. of participants: max. 15
Selection: There is no background knowledge required / first come, first served
Location: Stirbei 47 (Știrbei Vodă 47, 2nd Floor, Bucharest, Romania)
Partnerships: LANDIS & GYR STIFTUNG / Stirbei 47 / The University of Informatics Bucharest

Sound Art employs practices that describe, perform, and interrogate the condition of sound and the process behind it. The term incorporates a multitude of disciplines and artistic operational styles and forms. Sound Art can manifest itself as an installation, a performance or as a radiophonic, sculptural, digital or analog work of art and all the in-betweens. The only common denominator is that they all work with the medium of sound.
And sound here doesn't only mean electronically produced sounds, but also naturally produced sounds, by the environment, by animals or by human-nonhuman agents (Guillaume de Machaut's "Ma fin est mon commencement et mon commencement est ma fin" is a wonderful example of an early conceptual Sound Art piece for voice). And it might even be descriptions of sounds or written texts, visual representations of sound, virtual or imaginary sounds (to be found for example in Amnon Wolman's imaginary sound scores or in Octavian Nemescu’s imaginary music). Sound is not just an acoustic wave but incorporates various ranges of experiences.
Cyrill Lim is a Swiss artist, composer-performer, and sound artist based in Zug (CH) and Berlin (DE). His examination of the aspects of perception and reflection of the used media leads mainly to performances and installation works that try to experimentally gauge the physical qualities of space and material to offer a tangible experience on a musical level. Projects he is involved in are located at the intersection between music and theater, art and research, media installation and social environment.
Andreea Vladut is a Romanian multimedia artist based in Linz, Austria. She brings to the foreground unaltered environmental sounds, overlapping them with video or filtering them through the materiality of objects. Multimediality is a constant in Andreea’s artistic practice, who sometimes also chooses unmediated actions, where the body becomes the medium on which conventional signs of language are inscribed or a source of meanings for raw experiences.

Many thanks to our friends who helped us to realize this project: LANDIS & GYR STIFTUNG Stirbei 47, University of Informatics Bucharest, Daria Nedelcu, Andrei Bardezi and Fatima El Kosht

* Title inspired by the book: In the Blink of an Ear: Toward a Non-Cochlear Sonic Art by Seth Kim-Cohen
**Handwritten text by Fatima el Kosht 
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